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Instructions to follow

You should regulate and maintain your diet having the best weight loss pills Tenuate (Diethylpropion). Take a low-fat diet and exercise if you want to reduce your body weight by having weight loss pill Tenuate. It is essential to cut down the calorie intake by having a light meal when you take Diethylpropion to reduce your body weight. If you follow the guidelines and use instructions while using Diethylpropion you will reduce your body weight fast and in a healthy way.

Dosage details

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General dosage

You are advised to have this medicine thrice daily and you should take this medicine one hour before having a meal. You should not take this medicine at night because it may be the cause of struggling sleep at night.

Extended Release

You should not chew the tablet while ingestion. If you are having Tenuate for the long term use, you should minimize the dose of medicine one time daily.

Take the Whole Pill

Do not break the pill in two parts while having this pill because it can be a reason for side effects. Be advised you to have this pill as a whole to get the better result.

Medical consultation

You must take Tenuate under the supervision of a medical specialist. Only a doctor can administer the right dose of medicine for you according to your overall health and your body type. It is a prescription medicine and any negligence may be harmful to your health so consult a doctor before having this medicine to get an effective result.

Maintain Regularity

Take this medicine according to the prescribed dose and recommended time period. If you want an effective result you should take this medicine daily in a consistent manner.

Avoid Long Term Use

Tenuate (Diethylpropion) is not supposed to have long term use because it can be addictive and can make you dependent. So always go for the recommended time period to avoid any serious consequences or side effects.

Get the best result in the form of reduced weight by having this medicine in a couple of weeks. The prescribed dose of medicine will give you effective result. You should avoid the long term use of this medicine to diminish the chances of any side effects.

Who can benefit?

In general, Diethylpropion (Tenuate tablet) is prescribed for individuals who are suffering from obese related issues. So if you are facing issues regulating or cutting down excess body weight, then this medication is the best option for you.

But before you take this medication, you need to ensure that you are supervised by an expert physician. Several risk factors have to be monitored only under strict supervision. These risk factors may include conditions like Blood pressure issues, all types of heart-related conditions and diabetes.

Important information

You Should Know Related To Diethylpropion

Some medications can only be used after a proper prescription from a professional physician. Even if the medications are sold as over-the-counter types, still following strict prescription and dosage is important. This is also true about the Diethylpropion (Tenuate tablet), as it is considered as a prescribed drug. There are a few sets of instructions that you may have to follow when under this medication.

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