Refund Policy

Before initiation of return or refund, you should come across a few valid points which are applicable for all shipping consignments.

Return of the product will be only viable if you agree with our refund policy and these policies are as follows

  • Return process will be applicable under the refund policy
  • Before the initiation of the return process verification is required.
  • If you find a different product that you have ordered for.
  • If you get a broken or damaged product due to shipping fault.
  • If you have not got a quality product what our website delivers.

The verification process leads to the examination of the product and if you give any evidence to validate your point you will get a fast returning of your product.

Wrong address information will be a cause of non-delivery of product and won’t lead to the return process. You can rectify your address information 24 hours before the shipping starts. We can not reconcile for the initiation of the return process any more if we find the product is used or tempered.